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Registration Process for 23/24 School Year
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The Griffin Region College & Career Academy, GRCCA, offers High School and Dual Enrollment courses. Dual Enrollment courses provide opportunities for eligible students in grades 10-12 to enroll part- or full-time in postsecondary institutions and take college courses to earn both high school and college credit. 
Step 1: Signup for a GRCCA Student Registration Night. To participate in the GRCCA Dual Enrollment or High School courses for the 2023/2024 school year the following must be completed:
  • Deadline - February 28, 2023 - Students taking Dual Enrollment or High School courses MUST complete step 1 & 2. These are the only steps required for High School courses:
    • Agriculture
    • Aviation Drone
    • Aviation Flight
    • Aviation Maintenance
    • Teaching as a Profession
    • Warehouse Professional (Distribution & Logistics)
Deadline - April 28, 2023 - Students taking Dual Enrollment courses MUST complete the remaining steps 2-7.
Step 2:   ALL Students and Parents must attend the GRCCA’s Mandatory Student Registration Event to register and complete the Mandatory documentation: 
  • Appendix A - Student Information
  • Appendix B - School System Transportation
  • Appendix C - GRCCA Student Handbook Acknowledgement
Step 3(a):  New Southern Crescent Technical College Dual Enrolled Students apply to the college.
***Submit official HS transcript***
Step 3(b):  New Gordon State College Dual Enrolled Students apply to the college AND Complete the ACCUPLACER, SAT or ACT
***Submit official HS transcript***
Step 4: Dual Enrollment Students are required to upload acceptance notice for admission from the college to College Acceptance Upload Form.
Step 5: (GRCCA Use Only) GRCCA Counselor will register student for the requested course after completing Steps 1 & 2 for Students registered for High School courses and 1-4 for Students registered for Dual Enrollment courses. Dual Enrollment Students must complete steps 1-7 to maintain scheduled courses. Also, colleges require a specific number of student enrollment for a class to be offered at the GRCCA. If the class you selected does not meet the minimum you will be contacted to select another class to complete your schedule.
Step 6: ALL Dual Enrollment Students MUST complete the online Dual Enrollment Funding Application/Participation form. Parents must complete the parent section of the form (Opens February 1st, 2023)
Step 7: Students will verify if an EOC/Milestone test is required for any college course(s) the student is taking  (Biology, American Literature and Composition, Coordinate Algebra or Algebra I). Students are required to report to their high school at the designated time to take the EOC/Milestone test(s). 

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