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History of Our AcademyTop of Page

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In the spring of 2013, educators from the Griffin Spalding School System, leaders from business/industry, and post-secondary representatives began discussing the need of a way to link education and workforce development into our community. By the fall of 2013 the Griffin Region College and Career Academy (GRCCA) Steering Committee had been established and began work on the planning and implementation of a regional College and Career Academy. Pike County and Butts County also joined the effort at this time, with representation from all three counties on the GRCCA Steering Committee.

Through much work by this committee, as well as input from surveys from business/industry and meetings with all three communities, a comprehensive application was made to the state and the GRCCA’s application was approved and gained state funding for the upstart. An E-Splost was successful in Spalding County, garnering additional funding for the renovation of the building to be used for the GRCCA.

Pathways that would be offered to students were determined by the survey given to over 75 local business/industry leaders. These pathways would be tied directly to workforce needs for the region, opening many opportunities for economic development and student success in the region.

The GRCCA is governed by the GRCCA Board of Directors made up of K-12 representatives from Griffin-Spalding School System, Butts County School System, and Pike County School District, the post-secondary partners: Southern Crescent Technical College, Gordon State College, and the University of Georgia, a parent from all three counties, and business/industry delegates. The Board has 501(c) 3 status as a non-profit organization, opening the doors for donations from foundations and individuals. The GRCCA Board of Directors meets on the fourth Monday of each month at the Griffin-Spalding Board of Education board room. Meetings are open to the public. 

Mission StatementTop of Page

To develop and grow a well-trained workforce by empowering our students with a rigorous and relevant education, excellent soft skills, and the confidence to succeed in a highly competitive world.

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