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Jackie Ruff, MATH 1111: College Algebra, Gordon State College
Ms. Ruff holds a BS in Secondary Math from the University of Georgia, as well as a Master of Education/Secondary Math from Columbus State University. She has been teaching math on many levels since 1977. In 2013, she was awarded title of Professor Emeritus at Gordon State College for outstanding teaching and exemplary service. She states that her favorite part of teaching math is, “Using new technology to make mathematics clear and understandable. Graphing is so much more manageable and easier to generalize from with computer generated graphs – although graphing by hand is still necessary for understanding, too.” Her best advice to those students who are dually enrolled, “Take ownership of your education. Your teachers can clarify information for you in the classroom but only when you actually understand something. Don’t stop reading, working, and asking questions until you do.” Ms. Ruff is also a self-proclaimed dog lover, and is currently learning to make pottery. Email

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