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Welcome to Griffin Region College & Career Academy

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To develop and grow a well-trained workforce by empowering our students with a rigorous and relevant education, excellent soft skills, and the confidence to succeed in a highly competitive world.

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GRCCA Recruitment Video

21-22 Orientation
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Please register TODAY for Fall Orientation.  You will receive id badges, parking permits, school calendars, schedules and much more information!
See you soon :)

GRCCA Update - 9/7 regarding GSCS Transition.
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As you may have heard, Griffin Spalding County Schools is transitioning to virtual learning on Wednesday September 8th, at least for the duration of this week.  This is due to an operational issue of providing bus transportation.
GRCCA will operate as normal - for all JHS, PHS and GSCS students that drive or can get a ride.
GSCS will not provide bus transportation, so GSCS students that rely on bus transportation - and are not be able to find a ride, you will need to access D2L Collaborative, (Gordon Students), Blackboard Collaborative (SCTC Students) and Google Classroom (HS Programs - Aviation and TAAP).  GSCS students will need to participate synchronously - and will be marked absent if they are not present virtually in class during their scheduled class time.  
Likewise - ALL quarantined students from ANY school system should also be following the same procedure and participating virtually via D2L or Blackboard Collaborative or Google Classroom.
Please continue to review your school/college email daily - as your instructor may provide additional instructions.
Please let me know if you have any questions, and I sincerely appreciate all your support and flexibility.